Shinker EDM Parts






136 BSZ-1001 Servo Motor M818T-031
137 BSZ-1002 32MB Flash Disk  
138 BSZ-1003 High Voltage Rectifier  
139 BSZ-1004 Relay board  
140 BSZ-1005 Servo drag plate  
141 BSZ-1006 New down power board  
142 BSZ-1007 New up motherboard (opposite )  
143 BSZ-1008 New up motherboard (Positive )  
144 BSZ-1009 New up power board  
145 BSZ-1010 Decoder board  
146 BSZ-1011 Signal board  
147 BSZ-1012 Key board  
148 BSZ-1013 New down motherboard (positive )  
149 BSZ-1014 New down motherboard (opposite)  
150 BSZ-1015 Industrial PC  board DP200AP/N 2123HBT(change accoding to  the market replacement )
151 BSZ-1016 Industrical Backplane  
152 BSZ-1017 Computer Switch AF power supply  
153 BSZ-1018 Axial Fan  
154 BSZ-1019 Contactor CJX1-9 AC 220V
155 BSZ-1020 Voltmeter,Ammeter 69C9 400V/75A
156 BSZ-1021 80A High-voltage fuse  
157 BSZ-1022 Float Switch  
158 BSZ-1023 Relay  
159 BSZ-1024 Buzzer 24V
160 BSZ-1025 Low power rectifier 100A
161 BSZ-1026 Contactor 24V DC80A
162 BSZ-1027 Spindle travel switch , auxiliary travel switch  
163 BSZ-1028 Quartz lamp 24V
164 BSZ-2001 Oil Seal  
165 BSZ-2002 Dust prevention cover spindle
166 BSZ-2003 Filter paper core tube  
167 BSZ-2004 Cold pressing pipe  
168 BSZ-2005 Belt pulley  
169 BSZ-2006 Oil Flush pipe  
170 BSZ-2007 Manual control box  
171 BSZ-2008 Z axis Set-deep batches  
172 BMS-3001 Fir extinguisher  
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