Quality Assurance

Quality assurance

Advanced Equipment and Technology

We use gantry machining center with five axes to make sure the conformity of our products, to avoid the error caused by multi- fix the work piece, to improve the accuracy of our products. Through the repeated research and testing to draw up advanced production technology, besides, the 3R clamping tool system and other fix system to assure the rationality and accuracy of the parts production to improve the processing efficiency of the machines.

With gantry machining center from Taiwan, gantry milling machine, precision boring lathe, and many other CNC machining center, we guarantee the accuracy of every parts for our machine.

Testing Report from Authoritative Government

Every product from our company has been confirmed by National authorized government department. All of our products including the EDM wire cut machine, EDM small hole drilling machine, CNC engraving and milling machine and BM series water base working fluid are certificated by State General Administration for Quality Supervision and Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ) and the quality control and testing center for EDM filed. Besides, all of our products have been certificated by National Export License. For the engraving machine and the working fluid, there was no standard stipulated by national, but we by ourselves made the higher standards, which were registered in Quality supervisor bureau. The BM series working fluid has awarded Patent for Province High-Tech products and certificated by ROSH (SGS), which complied with the Environment Protection Policy.

Strict Quality Control System

Our company has been certificated by ISO9001:2000 the Quality Management System.

The strict quality control system is the key to assure our super quality. More than 10% of the total workers are inspectors, from the material purchasing inspection to finish inspection before dispatching from our company, and every machine is inspected step by step. There are more than 10 different inspections to make sure each machine from our company is good quality.

The Inspection in the Production in Our Workshop

Laser Interferometer for Machining Center Testing


Laser Interferometer for Wire Cut Machine


EDM Small Hole Drilling Machine Testing



Ball Cycle Testing For Engraving and Milling Machine


EDM Sinker Machine Testing


Screw Testing

Accurate Testing Instruments 

“RENISHAW” high precision laser testing system is used to test accuracy of the positioning and the repeatability of the axes.
“RENISHAW” high precision ballbar interface testing system
Spindle dynamic calibration machine, tests the dynamic balance precision of spindle.
Italian Trilinear coordinates measuring instrument

No   Test Items   Instrument   Specification   Model
01   Screw testing and accuracy testing   Microprocessor universal toolmaker's microscope   200x100mm
02   Positioning and Repeatability testing   Laser interferometer   MI10   XL-80
03   Flatness testing   Combined diagram level       LP-01-2-2
04   Processing accuracy testing   Italian trilinear coordinates measuring instrument  

2500X5000X 1800MM

05   Straightness, Verticality, parallelism testing  

Mable leveling rule,

Mable square rule


300X 300MM
06   Straightness, Verticality, parallelism testing   Swedish micrometer   0 -0.2mm   LS-34-0-30
07   Job sample testing   Micrometer calipers   25 -50mm   LS-14-1-2
08   Force testing   Ergometer   LTZ-20   FW-01-0-2
09   Noise testing   Noise level testing   ND10   SN-2
10   earth resistance testing   Earth resistance testing instrument   Jd-8   160(H2-001)
11   Insulated resistance testing   Insulated resistance tester   Zc25b-3   H3-001
12   Resistance to voltage   Resistance to pressure tester   Yx2670    H1-001
13   Ballbar interface testing  
“RENISHAW” high precision ballbar interface testing system
14   Interface testing   Interface tester    S8P   LF-1

Technical Research & Development

Technical R&D is one of the most important things for a company to perform well in the market competition. Our Technical Development Department, as the R&D center of new products, closely follows the world’s machine tool development trend, constantly introduces and integrates world’s new technologies, and makes substantial investments in the advanced computer-assisted design system to design and develop series of precision machine tool products with leading technology that meet the needs of customers and users of varying industries. A group of top-notch precision high-speed machining center, precision CNC engraving and milling machine and CNC low speed wire cut EDM are released to the market within the shortest development cycle, guaranteeing the leading position of the company.

Baoma implement International Brand Strategy. With the development of internationalization and informationize, Baoma pay more and more attention to overseas market. At the beginning of establishment, we cooperated with many famous universities in China, 2008, Baoma built a “Technology R&D center” with Southeast University, and this improves the ability of our R&D team to develop new items. In 2009, Baoma built “training center for workers of metal plate” together with Zhejiang University. With the help of the R&D from universities, Baoma speed up the process of making high-tech change into machinery products, improve the ability of our R&D deportment, at the same time, raise the competitive power of our machines in the market, and achieve a great of the efficiency of economic, social and environment.

Baoma pay more attention to environment protection and spend more time on R&D green products. To solve the pollution of saponification, Baoma tested more than 800 different methods to develop BM special Eco-friendly working fluid base on water. It has been tested by National Authoritative Organization and it complied with National pro-environment standard. Further more, it has got SGS-CSTC CERTIFICATION. This brings a revolution of the working fluid from oil to water. We have applied more than 12 patents (including 4 Patent for Invention) and have awarded more than 30 honors!

Baoma Compile The Elite In This Filed And Supported By The German Advanced Technology. 

90% of the workers graduated from secondary specialized or technical schools.60% of these workers have mechanical, electro mechanics or related background. 45% of them have got university diplomas. Ten of them have been awarded of Senior Engineer. We bring the advanced technology from the cooperation with German Design Company. The German experts came to our company and gave us many good suggestions on the construction of our machining center, which make our machining center with high strength and rigidity and keep our company in ahead of this filed. 

Experienced software R&D team 

1. Research and develop EDM control system software by our selves.
2. Program high efficiency, reliable, safe PLC control order according to different numerical control system.

Introduction of the software 

Our company developed a new control system for EDM wire cut machine based on XP windows, which has much more function than the traditional one:

1. Can be used in fast speed PLC CUP computer.
2. Can be connected with the internet and easy to interchange the dates
3. AutoCAD, CAXA and other software can be used in this new control system software.
4. Support servo encoder semi-close loop control system and can set mechanical original manually to offset the pitch error, which improve the working accuracy.
5. There is automatic tech-file engineer and also can set new dates file manually.

Innovative and developing R&D Team 

1. Bring and apply the German advanced professional construction design to develop new CNC machining center in head of this filed.
2. Manufacturer High-tech machine for famous company both in home and overseas market according to their demand.
     ①Double head wire cut machine(we made for a Chinese military company )
     ②Mini radiation proof EDM sinker machine (ordered by U.S.A military laboratory)

Keep researching and developing high-tech potential new products.

1. CNC EDM small hole drilling machine
2. Auto-change electrode EDM sinker machine
3. Environment protection graphite processing machine
4. EDM wire cut machine slow speed (Brass wire model)

R&D New Consumable Parts for Machines

 BM series working fluid has been certificated by ROSH. It is famous of good function, environment protection, and high efficiency.

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