Wire EDM Features

Main Application

WEDM take wire (Molybdenum wire or Tungsten and Molybdenum alloy wire ) as electrode, working liquid as media,  Electrical discharging happened between the electrode and the work piece by using of the high frequency impulse power and the high peak current to bring high heat and high energy to erode the work piece. The preconceived track of the wire is controlled by the moving of X-Y axis and U-Y axis which are driven by the machine. Then the work piece is processed.

"Baoma" machines featured with beautiful shape, novel structure, superior performance, and convenient operation. Meanwhile they are of good rigidity, small cutting force , big load bearing, steady movement, and safety operation.  they are suit to cut the workpiece of high precision, fairly good rigidity, high toughness, especially the cold die, extrusion die, plastic mould, gear cutter hob, precision component (including big taper, same taper, unequal cone, laid abnormity and etc.)
Medium speed wire cut EDM is a new generation of EDM machines which are widely used in the fields of moulds, automobile parts, aeronautics and astronautics, electronic instrument, military, light industry, and household appliances.

The Main Feature Of The Machine

Main Machine

The taper cutting mechanism: It’s driven by two step-motors to realize U and V movement, which can make the 4 axis (X,Y,U,V) simultaneously movement.   Structure of wire frame:the symmetric structure for the upper and down frame to keep the tension of moly wire within the scope of normal tension. There are same quantity of arrange wire pulley, which make same tension in every point of the moly wire. So no matter thin or thick work piece, the moly wire is not easy to break down. Comparing with “C” Shape structure, which always been used in other factories’ machine. Our structure short the wire travel route to avoid the shock during the running of the wire and make sure the accuracy.   The working table: the working table with T-shape slots, we supply a standard clamp for free.
The wire winding and traveling system:Wire winding drum is made of special steel, which is more stable, anti-corrosion. Emerson (U.S.A) converter control the running direction, Which can be used longer time, improve the precision, roughness and reduce the wire broken.   The machine body: Adopt the base of Meehanite cast iron (HT250), the cast of “Baoma” machine is made by the resin-sand technology with the influence of high temperature annealing, which makes the machine body of high load intensity and has ability to resist distortion. And the max loading of the working table is better than other Chinese machines.   Guideway and Ball Screw:Adopt Steel Linear guideway and precious ball screw from Taiwan



  Controller Layout: the basic framework of the BMW controller adopt professional profiles and connection fixed facilities by the technology from German, the  controller has realized both elegant appearance outside and rational layout inside. The effect of sealing, electromagnetic compatibility and heat dissipation is well and the controller must be high temperature aged before being sold to make sure the components be able to work for a long time continuously.
  Computer and Monitor: Adopt High Performance Industrial computer, P4 or better, 1G RAM, 160G Harddisk, support INTERNET, with LCD Color Monitor.
  High frequency power and the internal circuit: Adopt the digital high frequency power, the power generator is controlled by BMXP software, which can improve the precision and the stability of the pulse signal and reduce the probability of the high frequency power failure, advance the machining efficiency and the quality of working piece. Max. Current 6A ,max efficiency>=120m2/min, surface roughness<=1.2um. The modular design is used in the internal wiring, which can reduce the probability of the failure, and it’s easy to maintain.。
  The control system:  Adopt BMXP pm-k system software, the operating platform is WINDOWSXP, the Embedded System to achieve the seamless connection of various kinds of software such as AUTOCAD. Our machine has optimizing database and the function of multi-cutting, our client can choose different combination according to different working piece to be cut.
  MPG:Equipped Imported professional Handweel , easy for operation.


Cooling System

  New style of three levels filtration tank (first level: filter cotton, second level: copper mesh, third level: 5um paper filter) can prolong working solution life time and improve both working solution cleanliness and residue discharge ability, so save cost but improve work piece smooth finish ( cooperate using “Baoma” new type working solution is more friendly to operators and environment ). The capacity of the tank is 56L.
  The cooling pump: Adopt import booster pump which is able to work stably long time.


BMXP Welcome Image
BMXP Control UI
BMXP Program UI
BMXP DataBase
BMXP Screw Pitch Compensation Setting
Plug-in for AutoCAD


  1. BMXP Intelligent software, which integrates the program and control and based on Windows Xp. This new designed BMXP software is the unique software for WEDM running on the condition of windows XP.
  2. Using the PCI slot controller card and the High-tech Industrial computer, which greatly enhanced the stability of control and greatly reduced the computer the failure rate.
  3. To achieve a fast and convenient computer communication network, through network technology, graphics, data and program transmission, can be directly controlled by the technical design department since the first establishment of a program
  4. Embedded Control system can be smoothly connected with many design software such as AUTOCAD & etc.
  5. The search function of mechanical origin enable the transmission screw pitch compensation, in order to greatly improve the positioning accuracy, especially in Servo control system.
  6. With a large storage capacity database, which accumulated from many experiences. User can choose the suitable parameter according to deferent working conditions. Users can adjust machining parameters to establish a database at any time according to their own experience
  7. The parameters of pulse power is directly controlled by the software , so as to not only improve anti-jamming capability in pulse power output, but also increase the roughness of work piece and reduce the loss of molybdenum wire
  8. Pulse power of the control parameters directly from the software to control and improve the ability of pulsed power output of the interference, thereby increasing the roughness of workpiece, reducing the loss of molybdenum wire, you can choose a variety of pulse waveforms for a variety of processing conditions, improve the cutting ability of the workpiece.
  9. Simplifies the operation buttons on the control panel, a large number of button functions directly controlled by software to achieve.

BMXP Software basic functions

  1. Coordinate system: absolute coordinate, incremental coordinate (relative coordinate)
  2. Functions of coordinate transforming, zoom in and zoom out, rotating and tracking display in real time
  3. Functions of interpolation of straight line and circular arc.
  4. Function of taper processing
  5. Function of processing different top and bottom shape
  6. Functions of short circuit and wire-break handling
  7. Functions of memorizing when power was cut and auto-stop after processing
  8. Functions of auto-edge position and auto-centering
  9. Function of auto-adding transitional arc (Arbitrary angle)
  10. Function of processing backward
  11. Functions of menu technology and auto-programming;
  12. Data transmission
  13. functions of multi-cutting

CNC system configuration and technical performances

  1. CNC hardware:
    (A). Indutrial PC:  P4;
    (B).1024MB RAM;
    (C).160GB hard disk;
    (D). 15″ LCD color display;
    (F). USB and INTERNET
  2. CNC software and operating platform:
    (A) CNC Auto-program and control function
    (B) The operating platform is Windows XP
  3. CNC system technical performance:
    (A) CNC 4 axes simultaneously control;
    (B) Function of processing different top and bottom abnormities parts
  4. CNC system working environment:
    (A) The voltage: 3-phase 380V± (1%-10%), 50Hz (customizing accepted)
    (B) Relative humidity: 40%~80%
    (C) Cleaning environment, the dust with active gas and precipitation is not allowed; make sure there are no machines making much dust while working.
    (D) No vibration source, no electromagnetic wave source in the rang of 20m


Standard Packling List

  No   Item   Quantity 
  01   Main Machine   1 Set
  02   Controller   1 Set
  03   Computer   1 Set
  04   Water Tank   1 Set
  05   Pump motor and cable line   1 Set
  06   Water supply pipe   2 Pcs
  07   Power supply cable   1 Pc
  08   Handle wheel   1 Pc
  09   Wire tension tool   1 Pc
  10   Strength magnet   4 Pcs
  11   Anchor bolts   7 Pcs
  12   Pedestal   7 Pcs
  13   Dismantle tool for wheels   1 Pc
  14   Cross screwdriver 6”   1 Pc
  15   Straight Screwdriver 6”   1 Pc
  16   Open end wrench 17”   1 Pc
  17   Guide Pulley   2 Pcs
  18   Traverse Pulley   2 Pcs

Installation Layout


DK7725 - DK7780 Models


Model   Width a(mm)   Length b(mm)
DK7725   940   1516
DK7732   940   1516
DK7740   1070   1676
DK7750   1100   1960
DK7763   1400   2040
DK7770   1570   2085
DK7780   1630   2205


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