EDM Drilling Features

Main Application

High speed small hole drilling machine adopt electrode to drill hole according electrical discharge theory, put on high frequency Pulse electrical power between electrode and workpiece to create small pulse, cooperate with high pressure water plush to make more higher speed erosion, especially fit to drill hole diameter as 0.2mm-3.0mm on stainless, hardenedsteel, cooper, aluminum, and hardalloysteel, the depth-diameter ration can reach to 300:1. Be able to drill directly into bevel or curve surface.This machine is widely used to drill hole which used to be thread wire、and chemical fiber spinneret, spinneret hole of spinneret plate, filter plate, group holes of sieve plate、engine blade、heat dissipation hole of cylinder、the hydraulic、oil way of air operated valve、stomata. The machine can also erode the drill bit or taps broken in the working piece without destroy the original hole or screw.

CNC Small Hole Drilling Machine

  1. Able to drill holes range from diameter 0.2-3.0mm with max depth-diameter ration 300:1
  2. Drilling speed 30-60 mm/min
  3. Able to drill various conductive metals , such as stainless steel , chilly steel , solid carbide , copper, aluminum etc
  4. Able to drill directly into bevel or curve surface
  5. With electrode auto checking function , improve machining hole precision
  6. With lubrication system , and hand control equipment
  7. With memory function
  8. NC axis with opposite clearance error compensation function
  9. With hand zero clearing function for NC axis
  10. X,Y,Z axis adopt ball screw ,linear guideway
  11. X,Y,Z axis adopt servo motor ,control precision as 0.001mm
  12. Hole position and parameters editor function
  13. Optional C axis (rotate axis), four axis CNC

Standard Packing List

  No   Item   Specification   Quantity
  01   Main Machine   703   1 Set
  02   Wrench   12x14   1 Pc
  03   Hexagon socket wrench   M4   1 Pc
  04   Hexagon socket wrench   M5   1  Pc
  05   Hexagon socket wrench   M6   1 Pc
  06   Screwdriver   150mm   1 Pc
  07   Guide apparatus   Ф0.2mm   1 Pc
  08   Guide apparatus   Ф0.5mm   1 Pc
  09   Guide apparatus   Ф1.0mm   1 Pc
  10   Seals ring   Ф0.2mm   5 Pcs
  11   Seals ring   Ф0.5mm   5 Pcs
  12   Seals ring   Ф1.0mm   5 Pcs
  13   Electrode   Ф0.2mm   10 Pcs
  14   Electrode   Ф0.5mm   10 Pcs
  15   Electrode   Ф1.0mm   10 Pcs
  16   Spindle adjust bar       1 Pc
  17   Plastic wrench       1 Pc
  18   Water tank       1 Pc
  19   Iron Cushion       4 Pcs
  20   Water pump seal ring       5 Sets
  21   Rotary head O ring       6 pcs
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