EDM Sinker Features

Main Application

EDM sinker machine is used for cavity forming. It utilizes conductive material (copper, graphite, steel) as electrode to process workpiece (conductive material) by spark erosion. Main use: processing precious die, cavity mold and so on. It is widely used in metal processing and mold making workshop.

Our company's EDM series machines are featured in strong functions, convenient and reliable operation, of fairly good rigidity, running placidly, of good controllability, suitable to process conductive metal moulds, complicated metal parts and templates with high precision, high toughness and difficult processing. EDM process has become the important part in the field of mechanical manufacture. They are widely used in the fields of moulds, electronic instruments, precision mechanical process, automobile parts, military, etc.

Main Features


  1. Adopt Japan SANYO AC servo motor.
  2. Steady safety device, optical sensors, auto answer, fire extinguisher and power cut off.
  3. Good machine structure , high rigidity ,high precision , adopt V slide design.
  4. Adopt HT300 ageing treatment casting ,keep precision long time.
  5. Adopt high quality imported oil pump.
  6. Three-axis linear scale;
  7. Can choose red oil, pumping oil slagging mode, but also choose not to dip the oil processing;
  8. For copper, graphite, steel, on the cavity, and special shape holes machining
  9.  Lubrication system uses recovery mode, rail lubrication action at once, and keep the look clean
  10.  Moistureproof, Antirust, rust, gold plated K PCB board design

Option: Orbital Head


Option: Magnetic Worktable

CNC EDM Sinker

  1. Adopt Taiwan HIWIN linear guideway
  2. Precision ball screw
  3. Adopt high-quality YASKAWA Japan/AC servo motor from Japan
  4. Base machining current 90A
  5. Adopt Denmark Grundfos pump

Control System

ZNC System Technical Performance

  1. There is an automatic A.R.C (carbon deposit sensitivity device) to prevent damaging workpiece
  2. VLSI, high power VMOS to provide power.
  3. High and low clearance individual circuit.
  4. PWM (impulse width) servo system, standard DC servo motor.
  5. Synchronous discharge system of high voltage superposited.
  6. Square wave and equal energy output.
  7. Circuits of super-fine process.
  8. Capacity of voltage regulation is ±20%.
  9. Circuits of copper electrode and graphite electrode are separate and individual process parameters.
  10. Discharge parameters can be edited automatically, and there are rough, medium, fine, superfine process terms to be chosen.
  11. Z axis is of super-precision process, process position can be affirmed repeatedly.
  12. There are some safe devices in circuit. 
    • Self-diagnostic system and LED state display, convenient to examine and repair
      Oil level control, process device will be stopped automatically
      If temperature of working fluid is too high according to induction, the process will be cut off automatically
      Temperature induction, fire extinguisher sprays automatically and cut off the power supply at the same time
      Light sensitive device, self-response, and fire extinguisher cut off the power supply at the same time
      Automatic fire extinguisher, which is featured in best security, without pollution, there is no damaged to machine and mould.

ZNC Configuration of ZNC System:

A. P2 CPU industrial control computer
B. EDM software system control
C. 15 inches LCD.

ZNC System Running Environment::

  1. A. Temperature: 5-40C
  2. B. Moisture: 40%-8


Control Function

  1. X, Y, Z axis is CNC, the electrical control accuracy is 0.001mm,
  2. X, Y, Z axis has absolute zero
  3. Automatic edge-finding and center finding function
  4. With deep positioning function , the electrode lifting height can be set, Automatic remind of short-circuit etc.
  5. The parameters can be set using the keypad on the computer screen, like pulse parameters, process current, servo and other processing parameters.
  6. X, Y, Z driven by AC servo motor
  7. With manual operation 
  8. NC-axis power-down memory function
  9. NC-axis has the function of backlash compensation
  10. NC-axis with manual clear zero functions (setting relative to zero)
  11. Adapt to carrying knives, cut into large pulse function
  12. With a classification carrying knives feature

Processing Programming Function

  1. Processing location and processing path using G code programming, it can achieve X, Y, Z axis CNC operation. Any two-axis can up to Translational function of NC and return the original trajectory.
  2. We can set the parameters in processing parameters  page with the keyboard. Such as the depth of processing, pulse width, pulse width, pulse gap, processing the current, carrying the knife height. Computer control the machine tools based on these settings automatically converted Criteria processing.

CNC System Hardware Configuration

  1. Industial PC;
  2. 15" LCD Monitor;
  3. With USB Port;

Standard Packing List


  序号   配置   单位   数量
  01   EDM 电火花机床     1
  02   彩色液晶电箱     1
  03   油泵、油箱     1
  04   Z轴DC伺服电机     1
  05   Z轴220VAC减速电机     1
  06   手拉自动润滑注油器     1
  07   Z轴直线导轨T型丝杆     1
  08   X、Y轴平面V型贴塑导轨、滚珠丝杠     2
  08   石英工作灯     1
  10   百分表     1



  序号   配置   单位   数量
  01   工具箱     1
  02   钻夹头柄     1
  03   钻夹头     1
  04   压板     2
  05   梯形垫块     2
  06   地脚垫铁     5
  07   地脚调节螺钉     5
  08   冲油磁性器座     2
  08   T型槽螺母     2
  10   双头螺栓     2
  11   内六角板手     1
  12   自动灭火器     1
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