Engraving Features

Main application and capacity

This machine composed carving function and milling function, spindle speed is high and rapid speed is fast, it can engrave precision drawing and emboss on kinds of material like aluminum, brass, steel and nonmetal material. Meanwhile this machine is with milling function, can make precision machining to improve efficiency
Use for making mould, carve industry

Main characteristic and capacity

Cast: Use of mechanite cast iron GC40 (GC275)

Mechanite cast iron GC40 is suitable for casting with thickness 10-15mm. This kind casting is good in compact structure, good intensity, suitable hardness, low coefficient of friction, it has feature of self-lubricating, after quenching treatment, and it is widely used as workpiece which have friction of its surface, such as machine tools bed, seat, working table, and cylinder, and so on.

Steady, rigid structure

  1. Gantry structure characteristic improve machine strength and rigid greatly
  2. Adopt the most advanced limited unit analysis software to do dynamic imitation and analyze various data. Such method makes sure the best structure rigidity, mechanical precision and machining stability.
  3. Adopt high quality mechanite cast iron, make anneal and double treating to eliminate stress
  4. Z nut fixture and workingtable whole body design to get great rigid
  5. Heavily machine make sure good steady
  6. X,Y, Z adopt Japan NSK ball screw and bear



High speed, high efficiently precision machining

  1. High speed precision spindle, RPM can reach 24000
  2. Adopt precision line guide way to get good precision
  3. Adopt precision ball screw
  4. Oil cooler for spindle(optional)

Friendly operation environment

  1. Oil-water separation design
  2. Chip conveyor design
  3. Safe and simply operate table


  1. 0Advanced CNC controller SYNTEC system
  2. With fast, steady, friendly characterizes, especially when adopt DNC, CNC can deal with program created by CAD/CAM/CAXA in advance, so it can cancel useless point to effect working speed and machine life
  3. Other optional controller: LNC



CNC Control SysTem

Tai wan Syntec940i control system specialist

  1. High brightness LCD
  2. Support FLOPPY & RS232& 10/100 Mbps Ethernet
  3. Four full servo axes (P command), hand wheeler special linker
  4. Standard I/O 32 INPUT, 32 OUTPUT
  5. 12 Bit D/A voltage output to control spindle
  6. Mini controller box
  7. Adopt Syntec stander controller function in mini controller box
  8. Second controller panel for mill machine
  9.  General Specifications: (SK3)
  10. Metal key with anti oil characterizes
  11. Syntec standard keyboard design
  12. 35 keys controller panel
  13.  Two units whirl switch (can add more one unit)
  14. Independent INPUT/OUTPUT points for setting

SYNTEC separate whole body controller

Remote handle jog
Input terminal
Output terminal 

Standard Packing List

  No   Item   Specification   Quantity   Remark
  01   Main machine      1   Include Electrical box
  02   Cooler tank     1    
  03   Foundation     6    
     (1)  Screw    M20*1.5    6    
     (2) Foundation nut     6    On machine
     (3) Nut       6    
     (4) gasket  ¢20   6    
   04   Document box            
     (1) Manual     1    
     (2)  Quality document       1    
     (3) Controller system manual     1    
     (4)  Handle wheel        1    
     (5) Three color alarming lamp     1    On machine
     (6)  Working lamp        1    On machine
  05   Accessories          
     (1)  ER25 tools holder        1    
     (2) Compose pressure board   M12   1    
     (3)  Transfer line        1    
     (4) Cutting working fluid  Rate 1:20   10 litre    
     (5)  Spindle working fluid    Rate 1:20    10 litre 

Standard accessories:

1. Auto lubrication system
2. Full closed sheet metal cover
3. Three color alarming lamp
4. Foundation block
5. Operation and maintenance manual
6. Composite fixing plate
7. flat clamp
8. ER25 clamp¢4- ¢12

Optional spare parts

No. Item    
 1  Oil chiller for spindle.    
 2  Tool presetter.    
 3  Assistant working table.    
 4  4th Axis    
 5  Magazine    


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