Engraving and VMC





173 BMM-2001 Pressure-switch,Dual-united piece(included piezometer) KSNS-C110XC-1/4、KAC3010-03
174 BMM-2002 Two site five valves Sy9120-5GD-C10
175 BMM-2003 Lubrication pump 4L(20103-1)/Machine center、2L(20101-1/Engraving machine)
176 BMM-2004 Edge finder(mechanical) SME-420
177 BMM-2005 Tools  
178 BMM-联轴器 Coupler 850 GS28/38、GS19/24
179 BMM-筒夹 Tube clamps BT40 10 / ER25 8
180 BVMC-2001 Spindle belt 920-8YU
181 BVMC-2002 Spindle play tool cylinder BT40 T13513/SY35
182 BVMC-2003 Strong milling chunk BT40
183 BVMC-2004 BT40 Disk tool BT40-ASP-445-3
184 BVMC-2005 BT4o Boring tool BT40-MD25F-95
185 BVMC-2006 Φ20 machine tyoe tool, Blades , Wrench AMS2018S Φ20
186 BVMC-2007 Rounded tool(machine type) AMS2018S Φ20
187 BME-2001 Left shutter  
188 BME-2002 Right shutter  
189 BME-2003 Engraving machine spindle Spindle:GDS4000Ⅱ24000/4.0KW 24000 rpm、SD80-12-24F/1.2-2.4
24000rpm 、Tool changer:SDS120-30-18Z15 BT30 18000 rpm
190 BME-2004 Organ type shield  
191 BME-2005 Tool clip , Wrench BT30×ER25-70
192 BVMC-1001 Travel switch SN02D12-502-M
193 BME-1001 Circuit breaker DZ47-3P 32AD
194 BME-1002 Contactor CJX2-1810 , 110V
195 BME-1003 Relay , Relay site JZX-22FD/2Z、CZYOAA
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