Application of EDM Wire Cutting Machine


Application of EDM Wire Cutting Machine

1. Mold/Die machining

Motor Industry: the motor stator and rotor punching electrical cabinets, instrument box punching, bending mold.

Electronics and Instrumentation components: switches, indicators, connectors punching, blanking, cutting, bending die and plastic mold.

Household appliances: televisions, refrigerators, washing machines injection mold.

Building Materials Industry: Aluminum Extrusion Die.

Powder Metallurgy Industry: hard alloy die-casting mold.

Light Industry Products: sewing machines, bicycle parts mold

Advertising art: Stainless steel cutting word, panel processing.

Toy Manufacturing: shape blanking, punching, forming die.

Optical Manufacturing: frame, blanking, forming die.

Hydraulic Pneumatic Components Die Casting Mold

2. Knives, measuring equipments processing

Insert carbide forming turning tool, discoid blade

Detection using templates, card rules

3. Chemical industry, chemical fiber equipment, spare parts


Slit machining

4. Batch Parts Processing

Magnet Industry: tile-shaped, sheet-shaped magnet processing

Lighter Shell: curve cross-section cut

Tooth chip processing
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